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2024 Candidate Briefing Book

The Climate Opportunity: How climate and energy issues make the case for freedom.

The briefing book provides candidates with the tools to highlight shared values on environmental stewardship and economic freedom, demonstrating how conservative approaches resonate with voters’ existing beliefs for practical policy solutions. It simplifies complex topics like “wokeism” and ESG, emphasizing shared beliefs over political rhetoric.

2023 "Free Economies are Clean Economies" Report

A country’s commitment to economic freedom results in more wealth and human progress, which increases the available resources and technologies to invest in environmental protection. As this Free Economies are Clean Economies report lays out, understanding the relationship between economic freedom and environmental stewardship is essential to human flourishing and to addressing the world’s great environmental challenges, including climate change.

C3 Solutions' Climate and Freedom Agenda

The Conservative Coalition for Climate Solutions (C3 Solutions) is providing a set of energy, environment, and climate solutions that work for all Americans. In ten chapters, C3 Solutions lays out policy and regulatory reforms that would help increase and diversify energy supplies, remove supply chain constraints, invest in healthy ecosystems, and build more resilient communities.

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