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People First

People need a growing economy and a healthy environment. You can’t have one without the other.


Free Enterprise

No system has done more to lift people out of poverty than the free enterprise system. Promoting innovation and empowering entrepreneurs are the best ways to deploy new technologies that will create a healthy natural and economic environment.



Each generation has a responsibility to leave the world better off than we found it. Individuals, communities, civil society groups, investors, entrepreneurs, inventors and policymakers, at all levels, have an opportunity and responsibility to be part of the solution.



Our nation deserves a respectful, evidence-based conversation about these issues. Skepticism is not hostile to science: it is science. We welcome and celebrate curiosity and scrutiny. We reject the tendency to frame this debate as one of “alarmism” vs. “denial” and instead want to facilitate a respectful, measured and reasoned debate about risk assessment and solutions. We believe people of good faith can find common ground regardless of their level of concern or ideological orientation.


Property Rights

No one washes a rental car. Private property owners, who have a vested interest in taking care of their own land, are the world’s best environmentalists. Defending their rights and authority is of paramount importance.


Fiscal Responsibility

Public officials have a moral obligation to prepare for potential long-term challenges whether they are economic, health or environmental. Keeping government limited and efficient will encourage innovation and enable us to respond to unforeseen challenges. Leadership requires making hard choices between competing priorities. If our natural environment is a priority, it needs to be reflected in our budgets.


Global Leadership

Climate is global. Our solutions must be as well. American stewardship and innovation will make the world a healthier and more prosperous place.

We should help other nations follow our lead.

In 2019, my long-time friend Drew Bond came to my farm outside of Washington, D.C. to discuss installing a solar array. We couldn’t help but chuckle at the stereotype defying moment.

Here were two long-time conservatives and former aides to Senators from oil and gas country having a moment our friends on the left and right would find a bit head scratching.

Drew worked for former U.S. Senator and Assistant Republican Leader Don Nickles, and later as the Chief of Staff to the Heritage Foundation. I had worked for years as former U.S. Senator Tom Coburn’s Communicators Director and co-author of two of his books. According to the New York Times, the late Coburn wasn’t merely conservative. He was an ultraconservative.

Yet, here we were – Drew, a Solar company CEO, and me, an aspiring sustainable farmer – dreaming about how to help the next generation step into a world that would be clean and prosperous.

Our laughter was also an epiphany. We knew we weren’t all that unusual. Millions of conservatives were like us – skeptical but concerned, and convinced that the future depended on values and ideas we cared about prevailing. Yet, conservatives were constantly on defense when it came to climate and energy issues.

So we decided to do something about that. We spent the next few months asking our friends and colleagues in the conservative movement if they felt underrepresented in the climate and energy space. Without exception they believed it was possible to be both conservative and concerned about protecting our natural and economic environment. Some of those friends agreed to join our advisory board.

We’re not doing this to provide political cover. We’re doing it to propose solutions. And we recognize that people of good faith come at these issues with competing assumptions and solutions. We hope to find common ground when we can agree and will engage in noble and respectful combat when we disagree. We invite you to join the ride.

To a more sensible future,
John Hart
Co-Founder, Vice President


Drew Bond

Bond has decades of experience in the conservative movement and private sector. He served as a Senior Advisor for President George W. Bush at the U.S. Department of Energy, Chief of Staff at The Heritage Foundation under Ed Feulner and as a Legislative Assistant to former U.S. Senator Don Nickles from Oklahoma.

John Hart

Hart is one the most effective and experienced communicators in the conservative movement. He served as former U.S. Representative and Senator Tom Coburn’s long time Communications Director and co-author. Hart also worked for former U.S. Representatives Steve Largent and Jim DeMint.

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