What Congress Can Learn From the Dutch Farmer Protests

What Congress Can Learn From the Dutch Farmer Protests

Jeff Luse wrote in The National Interest on what Congress can learn from the Dutch farmer protests.

“If Congress hopes to pass lasting climate policy, it should take care to avoid the mistakes of our European allies.

“In the last few weeks, Dutch farmers have taken to the streets to protest new climate regulations on nitrogen oxide and ammonia emissions that will threaten the Netherlands’ agricultural sector and farmers’ livelihoods. A movement that started with tractors holding up traffic has quickly led to thousands of supporters flooding the Hague to show their support for farmers. American policymakers should learn from the Dutch protests. Curbing greenhouse gas emissions is a worthwhile goal that should be prioritized, but the top-down, regulation-heavy approach of the Dutch political class hurts economic and environmental well-being. Climate policy will be more durable when it is good for people. Bottom-up solutions that accelerate innovation and technological breakthroughs will deliver better economic and climate outcomes.”

Read the rest of the article on The National Interest.

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