RELEASE: We Cannot Let Progressives Own The Climate Debate

RELEASE: We Cannot Let Progressives Own The Climate Debate

New Organization Aims To Advance Conservative Solutions to Clean Energy and Climate Challenges

WASHINGTON, DC – Two long-time conservatives, Drew Bond and John Hart, today announced the formation of a new organization, C3 Solutions, dedicated to promoting conservative clean energy and climate change solutions. C3 Solutions, which stands for “Conservative Coalition for Climate Solutions,” will aim to protect America’s natural and economic environment by advancing conservative ideas and principles. Former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum, runner-up in the 2012 Republican presidential primary, is among the group’s founding advisory board members.

In its efforts to protect America’s natural and economic environment, C3 Solutions will provide credible information and analysis, convene educational and collaboration opportunities, build coalitions, and promote examples of entrepreneurship, innovation and stewardship. C3 Solutions will work to support policymakers at all levels of government, both domestic and international, and will work to lower barriers for entrepreneurs and innovators.

“We cannot let progressives own the energy and climate debate. Conservative values and principles like free enterprise, stewardship, private property rights and fiscal responsibility are far more likely to solve our energy and climate challenges than progressive command and control approaches,” said Bond.

“Climate change isn’t an issue conservatives should run from. It is an issue we should run toward. We’re at a pivotal moment. Younger generations are looking for leadership and conservatives need to step up and provide solutions. Progressive solutions like the Green New Deal would lead to economic deforestation while doing nothing to protect our natural environment,” said Hart.

Younger generations of Republicans are concerned about climate science and looking for solutions. More than half of Republicans under 40 think the government needs to do more to fight climate change, and almost 7 in 10 Republican adults under 45 say that human activity is causing the climate to change.

Bond and Hart, co-founders of C3 Solutions, have decades of experience in the conservative movement and unique experiences in the clean energy and conservation arena. Bond served as Chief of Staff at The Heritage Foundation under Ed Feulner while Hart served as U.S. Senator Tom Coburn’s longtime communications director and co-author. Bond also co-founded a company called Powerfield Energy that specializes in modular solar energy solutions while Hart owns and manages a 62-acre working, sustainable farm outside of Washington, D.C. in the Pleasant Valley region of Maryland.

The coalition’s advisory board includes top voices, scholars, and executives from iconic conservative institutions and organizations. The board is united in its belief that conservatives need to be part of this policy conversation. Members of the Advisory Board include:

  • The Honorable Rick Santorum, former Republican Presidential Candidate and former US Senator (R-PA)
  • Yuval Levin, Resident Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute and Founding Editor of National Affairs
  • Mike Franc, Director of DC Programs of the Hoover Institution, former Policy Director and Counsel for House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, and former Vice President of The Heritage Foundation
  • Justin Knopf, agriculture business leader, farming 4,500 acres in Kansas and featured in the acclaimed book and documentary Rancher, Farmer, Fisherman
  • Lauren Noyes, Executive Director of Faith & Law and former Director of House Relations and Director of Special Projects at The Heritage Foundation

Santorum: “Regardless of how you assess the risk of climate change and measure human impact, conservatives need to lead with real solutions. C3 Solutions is wisely giving conservatives policies to be for. There are no downsides to advancing clean energy solutions and letting the free market lead the way.”

Levin: “Today’s debate about climate change is often framed as an argument between the forces of alarmism and denial. Progressive have traditionally overreached while conservatives have been reluctant to enter the fray. C3 Solutions will fill a much-needed role by promoting an evidence-based discussion that speaks the language of risk assessment while celebrating the entrepreneurs, farmers and individuals who are making a difference.”

Franc: “There is absolutely no reason why the climate debate needs to result in more onerous government regulation and higher, economically-counterproductive taxes. To truly succeed, we need to harness the power of innovation, adhere to market principles, and promote policies that advance freedom. C3 Solutions stands ready to do precisely that.”

Knopf: “America’s farmers and ranchers are deeply committed to conservation, and we tend to be fairly conservative. Agriculture has a significant role to play and solutions to offer. I’m delighted C3 Solutions is committed to applying our lessons learned to a challenge that affects our nation and world.”

Noyes: “In my work, I encounter the generation gap on climate change every day. These issues are a priority among not just moderate Republicans, but conservatives. C3 Solutions will help conservatives find a home, and a voice.”

As a part of the launch, C3 Solutions also unveiled its website and social media channels. Interested parties can sign up here for email updates and follow C3 Solutions on Twitter and Facebook for more information.

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