Want to Make a Difference this Earth Day? Embrace Economic Freedom

Want to Make a Difference this Earth Day? Embrace Economic Freedom

Jeff Luse wrote in Townhall on the importance of economic freedom on Earth Day.

In the world of politics it seems that very few things are enjoyed by both sides of the aisle. In the space of climate and energy policy this is especially true. Despite this dichotomy, there seems to be one thing that conservatives and progressives can both agree on, the importance of Earth Day. 

Earth Day, which was officially recognized in 1970, has enjoyed bipartisan support and received praise from presidents of both political parties. Historically presidential speeches have included complimentary language on America’s progress and economic ingenuity. In his 1993 Earth Day speech, for instance, President Clinton said, “First, we think you can’t have a healthy economy without a healthy environment…The fact is that only a prosperous society can have the confidence and the means to protect its environment.” 

While this type of rhetoric is still expressed by some of our nation’s leaders, the broader environmental movement has seemed to have turned its back on Clinton’s pro-market, pro-environmental message. Domestically, activists are lobbying for big-government solutions including a mandated shift from fossil fuels entirely. Internationally, groups are leveling up their American counterparts and endorsing panic outright

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