Tomlinson: Kevin McCarthy, Republican leaders in Congress could save the world with climate profits

C3 Solutions was mentioned in Chris Tomlinson’s writing for The Houston Chronicle.

Luckily for humanity, a plethora of conservative climate action groups have emerged to lobby Republicans. They embrace climate science and advocate for free market solutions, with different groups emphasizing different approaches.

One I find fascinating is the Conservative Coalition for Climate Solutions, also known as C3 Solutions, whose mission is to “develop, amplify, and elevate solutions that will protect our natural and economic environment.”

“Entrepreneurs, innovators, and market solutions can solve our global environment and energy challenges better than government,” the group proclaims. “Let’s find ways of supporting innovation with less regulation, not more.”

Count me in. I agree that private businesspeople searching for a profit in a competitive atmosphere will develop the best solutions to societal problems. Government officials typically work toward consensus, which leads to mediocre innovations.

For example, conservatives are also correct to demand an overhaul of government permitting, particularly for energy and mining projects. Environmental groups and property owners have weaponized regulatory processes so that even the most responsible proposals take years to gain approval.

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