This Century-Old Law Is Holding American Shipping Back

Nick Loris wrote in National Review about the need to repeal the Foreign Dredge Act.

When we think about the major innovations to emerge recently, Apple’s Vision Pro and ChatGPT may be what first comes to mind. Dredging, the process of cleaning out a river or harbor, is probably far down the list, if it makes our list at all. Dredging companies around the world have made dramatic improvements in efficiency. To the detriment of taxpayers, consumers, and the environment, America can’t use any of the innovations, thanks to the Foreign Dredge Act.

More than a century old, the law prohibits any foreign-built or chartered ships from dredging off America’s coasts and shipping channels. As a result, top-of-the-line dredgers that could deepen and widen U.S. ports at a fraction of the cost and time, and with less environmental impact, cannot bid on contracts.

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