PRESS RELEASE: C3 Solutions Releases 2024 Candidate Briefing Book

“The Climate Opportunity” Describes How Climate and Energy Issues Make the Case for Freedom

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) – The Conservative Coalition for Climate Solutions (C3 Solutions) today released a 2024 Candidate Briefing Book entitled “The Climate Opportunity.”

“The future will be shaped by leaders who have the courage, vision, and foresight to make the case for freedom in areas that are difficult, complex, and even hostile. We founded C3 Solutions to help the right chart a new course and help candidates and policymakers see climate change as an issue they should run toward, not from. The conversation about climate change is a generational opportunity to apply timeless freedom principles to a debate that could determine the fate of capitalism and already has major implications for not just American prosperity and security, but global poverty and security,” said Drew Bond, co-founder and President and John Hart, co-founder and Executive Editor.

“Thankfully, we’re not alone in making this case,” Bond and Hart added. “There is a growing eco-system of organizations making the case that energy innovation and energy abundance are more likely to emerge in an economic environment that is friendly, rather than hostile, to freedom. At a time when political dysfunction isn’t hard to find in elected bodies, there are notable examples of functionality that are worth celebrating. One such example is the House Conservative Climate Caucus. The caucus, launched just two years ago in 2021, is among the largest in Congress with 84 members, one-third of the GOP caucus. This caucus has been instrumental in developing what we describe as a Climate and Freedom Agenda, outlined in the second half of our briefing book.”

“Caucus Chairman and Representative John Curtis (R-UT) is profoundly correct when he notes, ‘The same policy that is best for our environment is the same policy that is also best for national security, energy independence, agriculture and our economy.’ As we argue in the briefing book, the essence of that policy is economic freedom. As we’ve detailed in previous reports, free economies are twice as clean as less free economies. The faster candidates pivot to making the essential case for economic freedom, and avoid lower priority fights, the better. And to those who claim conservatives ‘don’t have a plan’ we’d refer you to more than 150 pieces of legislation that shows that they do,” Bond and Hart said.

Read the briefing book here.

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