How weather impacts oil drilling operations

How weather impacts oil drilling operations

Nick Loris was interviewed by Fox Weather on how weather impacts drilling operations.

Despite the apparent increase in skills to avert lengthy disruptions during hurricanes, the learned lessons are gained on a scenario-by-scenario basis and did not prepare the industry in The Lone Star State for the arctic blast of 2021.

“The industry made a choice not to weatherize their oil and gas infrastructure like they do in places like the Arctic,” Nick Loris, an energy expert and Vice President of Public Policy at C3 Solutions, said. “Weatherizing all of the equipment is very expensive. And so they made a calculation based on the chances of the severe cold.”

Loris believes through the companies’ experience and legislation, changes are gradually being made to ensure a large disruption doesn’t happen again during the next cold weather outbreak.

Read the full article on Fox Weather.

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