Green Old Party? GOP, With Election Nearing, Takes On Climate Change

Green Old Party? GOP, With Election Nearing, Takes On Climate Change

Climate change is gearing up to be a political hot topic once again, with a flurry of new proposals expected before election season even as the COVID-19 pandemic batters the economy and puts in doubt the campaign calendar.

This year’s debate comes with a twist: both sides of the aisle will be fighting to be the party of the environment. For perhaps the first time since Nancy Pelosi and Newt Gingrich sat on a loveseat in 2008 and proclaimed “We Can Solve It” for a climate-change ad, Republicans are ready to jump full force into the climate change debate.

“I think there’s definitely a hunger out there with conservatives and Republicans to get beyond fighting over the science and to talk about solutions,” Drew Bond, co-founder of Conservative Coalition for Climate Solutions, an advocacy group for conservative approaches to aiding the environment that launched earlier this month. “Conservatives, by and large, do believe that we need to be proactive and not reactive. We need to be on offense, not defense, on climate solutions.”

Conservative Coalition for Climate Solutions — C3 Solutions, for short — joins a growing number of right-of-center groups ready to challenge proponents of the Green New Deal with their own agenda of plans to battle the climate crisis.

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