Elon Musk Is Right. The World Needs More Nuclear Energy

Elon Musk Is Right. The World Needs More Nuclear Energy

Jeff Luse wrote in RealClearEnergy on the importance of nuclear power.

As the West has signaled support for Ukraine, few leaders have been more engaged than Elon Musk. Just this week Musk began to employ Space X’s Starlink satellites to help Ukrainian drones destroy Russian tanks. Tesla’s CEO has also challenged Vladamir Putin to a wrestling match — the stakes: Ukraine. 

Earlier this month, Musk tweeted support for nuclear power to alleviate energy reliability and security concerns in Europe, even offering to eat food grown locally near reactors to show that the energy source is safe.

Musk is right to support nuclear power, the benefits of which have been well-documented for years. It’s safe, reliable, and the largest source of carbon-free energy in the United States. In 2019 it prevented more than 476 million metric tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere, the equivalent of removing 100 million cars from the roads.

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