Climate change concerns even Gen Z conservatives: “How to respond to young people’s concerns?”

Jeff Luse was interviewed in Asahi Shimbun about American Gen Z approaches to climate change.

In the United States, climate change is generally a Democratic focus. According to a
survey conducted between October and November 2021 by Circle, a group at Tufts
University in the US that examines voting trends among young people, 65% of young
people who consider climate change a priority issue said they would vote for a
Democratic candidate in the presidential election. Only 5% said they would vote for
a Republican candidate.

However, like Luse, there are young people who believe that even Republicans cannot
ignore climate change. Democratic President Biden has launched a series of policies to
inject large sums of tax money into combating climate change and rapidly advance the
transition to renewable energy . In response, Luse believes that as a transition
stage, greenhouse gases should be gradually reduced through the use of natural gas,
one of the fossil fuels, and through “opening up investment opportunities in all energy
sources” led by the private sector.

Read the full article here.

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