An action plan for America’s energy security

An action plan for America’s energy security

Drew Bond and James Carafano of The Heritage Foundation wrote in The Washington Times on the importance of energy security.

National security is contingent on an uninterrupted supply of reliable, affordable energy. Without it, factories close, transportation slows down, and the military is paralyzed. Just the threat of an energy cut-off can force governments to alter domestic and foreign policy.

Though Western European leaders knew that their “greening” of domestic energy production had left them undesirably dependent on Russian oil and gas, President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine jolted them into realizing just how vulnerable they had become. Virtually overnight, Germany and other Western nations reversed long-held policies, determined to become more energy self-sufficient.

Will the U.S. follow suit? Will it unleash the full productive and innovative capacity of the American economy in a renewed drive for energy security?

Read the full article in The Washington Times.

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