America should promote economic freedom at COP26

America should promote economic freedom at COP26

Rep. John Curtis (R-UT) and Drew Bond wrote in The Hill that America should promote economic freedom at COP26.

“When the international climate conference (COP26) convenes next week in Glasgow, Scotland, President Biden is expected to argue that America should lead on climate. We agree with the president. Unfortunately, the path the administration is taking is, in many ways, in direct contrast to the path the administration should be taking.

The facts and evidence are clear. America has reduced more absolute emissions since 2005 than any other country, all while reducing the average cost of energy. We made these strides because of innovation and the free market. Despite this evidence of companies responding to consumer demand for clean energy, President Biden has chosen crippling regulations, mandates, and subsidies to pick winners and losers, which is hurting the American economy. We should reduce emissions, not energy choices, and unleash free markets to allow the American entrepreneurial spirit to achieve the goal of a cleaner world.”

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