America needs to trust energy innovators more than regulators

America needs to trust energy innovators more than regulators

Nick Loris wrote in The Hill on why America needs to trust energy innovators.

Many progressive climate activists view the Supreme Court’s recent ruling on West Virginia vs. EPA as a major setback for climate progress. The true setback, however, is an overreliance on the executive branch to set energy and climate policy. What’s needed is congressional leadership to enable the private sector to meet the energy and environmental needs of the American people.

For most Americans, high gas prices and energy bills are on the forefront of their minds. Driven largely by higher oil prices, energy costs are up nearly 35 percent from a year ago. That squeezes the budgets for many families, particularly low-income ones. About one in six Americans struggled to pay their energy bill at least once in the past, while almost 24 percent went without paying for necessities such as food and medicine to pay an energy bill.

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