Paris Climate Agreement is Just ‘Window Dressing’

Paris Climate Agreement is Just ‘Window Dressing’

C3Solutions CEO Drew Bond recently joined the Lars Larson Show to discuss the Biden Administration’s decision to rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement, which the Trump Administration had pulled the U.S. out of. In this clip, Drew has this to say about the move:

“The Paris Climate Agreement, frankly, is just window dressing for a number of countries that are the biggest polluters in the world, like China. An agreement like this could set standards and hold the U.S. accountable to standards that simply don’t make sense.

The reality is, that what we are trying to promote is markets, not mandates. And ultimately it’s technology, not treaties, that produce that kind of solutions and results we wan to see here in America and exported around the world. We got to the U.S., from becoming an importer of oil and natural gas — being a net energy importer to being an energy exporter — not from top down heavy mandates, but through innovation, entrepreneurs, through bottom up solutions.

The Treaty is not the end of the world, the U.S. is back in it, there are a 196 countries part of it. It’d be my preference we not be in it, but if we are going to be in it, let’s promote innovation, let’s promote less government, not more.

…Let’s look to people for solutions, let’s not look to government for solutions. Let’s look to entrepreneurs for solutions. Let’s look to technology for solutions. I think we need to get out of this mindset that government is going to solve all our problems and we need more laws, more mandates, more regulations, more top down solutions. That’s just not the way to solve these things.”

Listen to the full clip here:

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