Exclusive: Center-right enters the ESG fray

Axios covered s coalition of center-right groups, including C3 Solutions, which sent a letter to Congress asking policymakers to stop politicizing ESG.

Zoom in: The letter lays out a set of principles that include protecting pension funds from “politicization” and allowing businesses “to voluntarily adopt sustainable practices or address the social considerations of their workforce free from government mandates.”

Former Rep. Carlos Curbelo signed the letter, alongside Nick Loris of C3 Solutions, Devin Hartman of R Street and Pete Sepp of the National Taxpayers Union, among others.

What we’re watching: Financial Services Chair Patrick McHenry has a slate of anti-ESG bills, but they haven’t seen floor action.

Not all of those are necessarily objectionable for the groups on the letter, and Loris said Republicans have thus far “largely been supportive” of their concerns.
“I even think you saw a bit of a tone shift within the last couple of months, as the heat around ESG died down a little bit,” he told Nick.

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