Climate change is best countered by economic freedom

Climate change is best countered by economic freedom

Anthony Kim of The Heritage Foundation writes in The Washington Times that climate change is best countered by economic freedom.

Kudos to Greta Thunberg. The teenaged activist neatly summed up COP 26, the U.N.’s recently concluded conference on climate change, calling it “a failure” that amounted to nothing more than “a P.R. event,” a festival of “empty words.”

Of course, that’s all it ever could have been. Like the two-dozen international climate “summits” before it, it was predicated on the wholly fanciful notion that over 190 countries can hash out — and then live up to — a pact that requires them to abandon vital national interests and, in many cases, consign their citizenry to a sharply reduced standard of living, all in the hope that everyone else will do the same.

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